Working Safely in a World Changed by Pandemic

The workplace has undergone great change in the past couple of months, with fewer staff, one-way systems and more anti-bacterial hand gel than ever.

As lockdowns change and businesses adapt, the safety of staff and customers remains a top priority. Imposed social distancing measures and an increase in the remote workforce isn’t going anywhere, instead it is shaping the look and feel of a new workplace.

Working across many markets and specialities, PAI Group is uniquely able to access many products that can help businesses ease the burden that becoming ‘COVID-19 Secure’ can bring and we’ve added these to our showcase on this page.

Please read on for further information and check back often as we update our systems with any further technology solutions we think worthy. For details on our current Covid-Secure status, please see our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement.

Workplace Technology

More so now than ever before, workplace communication with video and / or content sharing between many participants is helping business to keep operating safely in a changed world.  

While it’s often possible to socially distance in a meeting room, squeezing around a single device or passing it from person to person just isn’t practical.

PAI Group can help to ensure that poorly implemented technology doesn’t hamper your recovery.

We seamlessly incorporate new equipment into your existing systems and networks, whilst ensuring all solutions are future-proof and scalable to allow for any changes in your requirements further down the line.

Web Streaming

While current restrictions can mean fewer visitors or participants are able to travel and physically attend an event, this needn’t restrict the event’s potential reach.

We can fit everything from a simple, single camera solution to more complex multi-camera, multi-input systems that either operate standalone or integrate with your existing installed AV equipment.

Our web streaming solutions are uniquely designed for each customer, whether this is a wedding or funeral venue, or for conferencing and corporate communications.

Remote participants ‘attend’ your event via a web browser and we’ll even set up the content delivery system for you so this doesn’t wipe out your venue’s internet connection.

Full training is provided, or alternatively we can tailor a support agreement to operate systems on the client’s behalf. Get your events back on track with a web streaming solution from PAI Group.

The PAI Group of Companies (comprising of PAI, Vaughan Sound and LTP Integration) offer flexible finance opportunities, interest free options and leasing terms.

We partner with leading brokers and providers to enable you to spread the cost of purchasing goods, fully installed systems, and/or maintenance and support packages.

PAI Group can tailor cost-effective agreements to suit you, meaning you no longer have to worry about up front costs, capital expenditure or standard payment deadlines.

We can help you to invest in best-in-class products and the latest technology, without breaking the bank!

Managing Social Distancing

Many businesses have been hit financially by the Covid-19 outbreak and are looking for ways to reboot their operations whilst safely implementing the new guidelines.
Likewise, educational institutions, workplaces and the transport sector are all keen to get back to some sort of normality, whilst protecting the safety of their students, staff and customers.
We are working with select manufacturers on a number of innovative solutions to this, from digital signage that ensures the public are informed of the latest safety measures or adjustments to business service, to tracking the number of customers or employees in a space, so realtime capacity data can be displayed on screens.

Thermal Cameras

It’s still more important than ever to control the spread of coronavirus through monitoring key symptoms such as a fever.

Our Thermal Imaging Camera solutions can indicate fever in less than a second, without personal contact and are accurate up to ±0.3℃. The solution is an efficient, real-time measurement, with the ability to screen people individually and large groups up to 30 people at any one time.

This removes the need for handheld temperature detection monitors, which can be extremely time consuming and puts the operator at risk of being close to infected individuals.

Our Fever Detection Solution has already been implemented in applications with a high volume of passengers such as NHS hospitals, airports, retail, distribution, railway stations, the utility sector and schools, with very little disruption to general operation.

We have options available including small, standalone tablet based solutions to larger multi camera setups.

Digital Signage Templates

To help businesses like yours to keep customers, staff and visitors informed, we can provide a selection of free digital signage content.

Our media library includes key messaging and guidance from NHS England/Wales and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

We have a number of templates specific to certain platforms, as well as in standard image formats that can be imported directly into your chosen systems.

Remember that we also have a dedicated content management team, so if keeping your systems refreshed is something you need some assistance with, contact your account manager or follow the link below to find out more.

Social Distance Messaging - PAI Group

Our Social Distance Messaging Playback Systems can be added to existing public address, voice alarm and emergency voice communication (EVC) systems. Alternatively, we can easily build them into new installations.

We have two types of digital media playback system available – a 6W device comprising one loudspeaker or a 30W device including a pair of loudspeakers for larger areas.

Each is supplied complete with an SD card, pre-loaded with four social distancing messages.

Featuring CD quality audio and pre-configured to play all messages in sequence every ten minutes from power on (editable message and playback options are available and we can also provide bilingual announcements).

Through Screen Audio - PAI Group

Through Screen Audio Solutions

Intercom and communication systems for COVID-19 screens overcome the physical barriers to ensure clear, coherent conversations.

Our speech transfer system helps customers and staff hear and be heard when needing to talk through safety screens and partitions.

Such screens have become essential across retail/supermarket checkout desks, customer service desks, reception desks, as well as any manned check-in areas (especially in hospitals, medical centres, GP surgeries and other healthcare institutions).

Systems are quick and easy to fit as the equipment can be surface mounted and installed to the underside of any desk or counter.

Featuring a noise cancelling microphone and integral loudspeakers, along with an induction loop to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and Equality Act 2010.

Remote Consultations

Don’t let travel restrictions limit your access to our experienced and qualified teams. All our staff are enabled for remote working so you can access any one of us – from certified consultants and account managers to qualified engineers, on a device of your choosing.

We can set up the call for you – you won’t need an account, and most of the time there’s not even a need to install an app. Alternatively we can join you on the platform of your choice.

This means we can complete anything from remote diagnostics to system consultations and product demos in a fraction of the time, at a time and location of your choosing and without unnecessary travel.

To set this up either speak with your account manager or follow the link below to get in touch.

'Corona Tag'

‘Corona Tag’ is an innovative device designed to monitor social distancing in the workplace, school, or public venues.

It eliminates the need for a sitewide shutdown in case of infection. Based on HSL technology, Bluetooth signals measure the distance and exposure time between tags without revealing or saving personal information.

The device is fully independent, does not rely on cell phones or other connections, and does not require charging.

This is an ideal solution for managing the risk of infection in workplaces and helps to avoid productivity risks such as shutdown should one or more employees test positive.

Contactless Access Control with Body Temperature Measurement

Secure access to your workplace, promote contactless entry and manage the risk of infection with an all-in-one solution.

Smart access controls with body temperature measurement free up valuable time by automating the process of secure building entry, without any touching of surfaces via vandal proof screens.

The integrated body measurement function can also support your COVID-secure planning in terms of screening staff and visitors at point of entry.

Systems Healthcheck

Despite changing restrictions relating to workplaces, technical systems must continue to be certified and maintained.

Our service team are fully qualified to test and inspect your installations, providing vital documentation to evidence that your systems are compliant.

Our clients can also rest assured that with manufacturers’ recommended maintenance complete, their systems will be best prepared for future operation, minimising any risk of failure.

As well as completing critical proactive support as above, our remote teams are also available to carry out a complete systems healthcheck of your installation, whether supplied and installed by one of our industry colleagues or ourselves.