Green Growth Pledge and Equality Pledge

The PAI Group of Companies are committed to minimising the impact our operations have on the environment while enhancing and supporting the communities we serve.

We’re proud to have worked closely with Business Wales and signed the Green Growth Pledge, becoming an early adopter and joining a growing community of forward-thinking organisations who are helping Wales transition to a low carbon future.

PAI Group have also signed the Equality Pledge, as we continue to take proactive steps towards creating an inclusive, fair and diverse workplace, while offering accessible products and services. 

We have a range of equality practices in place, outlined in our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, and aim to regularly communicate our equality commitments to our customers, staff, and the wider community.

Green Growth Pledge Logo - PAI Group
Green Growth Pledge Logo - PAI Group
Equality Pledge Logo - PAI Group
Addewid Cydraddoldeb Logo - PAI Group

Working with responsible suppliers

  • We’re actively looking to use more regional suppliers
  • We only use approved suppliers based upon their demonstrable good practices
  • We implement a dedicated policy which sets out comprehensive processes by which we choose suppliers
  • We regularly review our supply chain and work in collaboration with them to improve efficiencies

Products and services

  • We specify and utilise products made using minimal raw ingredients and materials
  • Our processes and technologies are chosen for their efficient use of resources
  • Our services are delivered using minimal natural resources

Appropriate packaging

  • Packaging is checked to ensure it meets functional requirements
  • Packaging weight is minimised wherever possible
  • We consciously endeavour to use packaging that is designed to be re-used, recycled, or composted

Efficient transport

  • We conduct daily and weekly checks of our company fleet to ensure vehicles remain in optimum condition and as fuel efficient as possible
  • Journeys are tracked via telemetry systems with vehicle usage monitoring across the Group
  • Supply and delivery transport is carefully planned to minimise fuel use and mileage

Use and end of life

  • We specify and integrate systems that are designed to minimise energy consumption during their use – we often provide power consumption data to customers for key electrical components
  • Products are sent to disposal experts and specialist recyclers when they reach end of life and cannot be repurposed
  • Our services are designed to create minimal waste and as a licensed waste carrier it is always removed from customer sites and disposed of/recycled appropriately

Using land, energy, and water wisely

  • We continue to prioritise renewable energy, efficiency, and reuse – we’ve installed solar PV and a smart meter at our HQ and are actively working on initiatives to reduce our energy consumption
  • Areas of risk have been identified along our supply chain, processes, and within our premises

Preventing waste and pollution

  • We’re registered with Natural Resources Wales (NRW) as an upper tier waste carrier under The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011
  • We deal with waste from other businesses and transport construction waste, following the strict duty of care code of practice
  • Where waste cannot be recycled, we use specialist approved suppliers to manage its safe removal and disposal from our premises or project sites

Wellbeing of staff and our local community

  • Employees are paid a decent living wage and offered flexible working conditions
  • We provide a range of products and services that benefit public health and wellbeing
  • Our impact on our local community is considered in our business planning and forms part of our annually reviewed corporate social responsibility policy

Measuring impacts

  • We’ve appointed a dedicated person based at our Llanelli HQ, who is responsible for managing the environmental and social impacts of our business activities
  • Energy usage and social value are regularly monitored and reported
  • We’ve put in place an action plan to continually improve our performance

Brands and marketing

  • We’re taking various steps to promote and raise awareness of our good practices
  • We’re recognised for and associated with best practice and regularly seek and act upon customer feedback, which forms a key part of our externally audited ISO 9001 accredited Quality Management System