Our Values

The PAI Group of Companies effectively maintain a core set of principles and company values that have allowed us to partner with some of the world’s largest brands and household names.

We realise that success doesn’t come alone, but instead as a consequence of the dedication and collective efforts of all employees working in synergy for the benefit of our customers.

This outcome is underwritten by the ongoing loyalty we see time and time again from existing clients – many of whom have relied on the PAI Group for several years, if not decades.

PAI Group specialise in creating and integrating industry leading audio-visual, sound, lighting, and control systems across a diverse range of market sectors. We have a formula; we have a comprehensive business delivery plan… and they work.

There are key elements that contribute to our continued success. Our company vision, values, and standards are extremely important to us, so we’ve taken the time to outline some of them below.

For further evidence of our company values and the ways in which we abide by them, please see our various company policies here.

Engineering Solutions - PAI Group

Engineering Solutions

PAI Group have built an enviable reputation for our ability to deliver seamless and successful AV, sound, lighting, and control system projects globally.

Our teams – from sales to installation and through to post-contract support – comprise of highly educated and trained engineers, specialised in their fields, with a wealth of credentials and qualifications to back up their knowledge.

We’ve subsequently become adept at turning client visions into reality through combined aptitude and skill.

PAI Group select best-in-class AV, sound, lighting, and control products, devising integrated schemes to meet complex requirements and truly enhance environments.

We work closely with leading distributors and manufacturers to offer the latest technology in our integrated schemes. 

Our longstanding relationships with channel partners afford us the ability to pass significant savings, extended warranties, and expert advice on to our customers.

Operating Sustainably

In our changing world, where carbon footprint impact is becoming increasingly significant, PAI Group aims to contribute positively to the future of the environment by being especially considerate to the environmental and social impacts we have on our community.

We involve all employees in this mantra, encouraging each to communicate our company ethics and ensuring that this discipline is passed down throughout the business.

There are many ways in which we’re doing our bit.

We’re doing our utmost to protect land, energy, and water by reducing our reliance on natural resources.

We’ve undertaken a carbon footprint exercise for the business, fitted solar panels and a smart meter at our HQ, and implemented an energy efficiency programme throughout our offices.

Our fleet of company vehicles utilise telemetry systems to track mileage and speed, while staff have received training on fuel efficient driving techniques.

PAI Group have also worked closely with Business Wales and signed the Green Growth Pledge.

Customer Service - PAI Group

Customer Service

Historically, PAI Group have an unrivalled knack of creating and nurturing longstanding relationships with clients.

We like to think this is because we go the extra mile to deliver customer satisfaction – a pivotal pillar to our progress.

Through stringent customer care policies, tied to our ISO 9001 accredited Quality Management System, we ensure all staff across the PAI Group engrain this way of thinking into their day-to-day activities.

Employee Satisfaction - PAI Group

Employee Satisfaction

Investment in our staff is critical to maintaining efficient, productive teams committed to our company goals.

PAI Group’s senior management team regularly liaise with line managers to identify employee requirements and review training needs.

This may include improving skills, considering health and wellbeing, or working hard to create some fun to enhance the working day.

Through our Best@ training framework, we actively encourage all employees to be the best they can be and consistently invite staff to engage in relevant internal and external training opportunities, supporting individuals as required to ensure continued professional development.