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PAI Group

Our Policy Documents

The Company Policy Documents listed below relate to The PAI Group of Companies. These are all reviewed, updated as deemed necessary and signed by senior stakeholders on an annual basis.

The PAI Group of Companies comprises PAI Group, PAI, Vaughan Sound and LTP Integration.

PAI Group, PAI and Vaughan Sound are all trading names of Vaughan Sound Installations Ltd (Reg. No.: 02194943).

LTP and LTP Integration are trading names of Lighting Integration Ltd (Reg. No.: 09799531).

PAI Holdings is our parent company (Reg. No.: 5771673).

PAI Group Privacy and Data Protection Statements

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PAI Group Environmental Policy Documents

PAI Group Environmental Policy.

PAI Group Sustainability Policy.

PAI Group Quality Policy Documents

PAI Group Quality Policy.

PAI Group Social Responsibility & Customer Care Policy Documents

PAI Group Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

PAI Group Customer Care Policy.