Offering cutting edge technology and immersive AV, sound, lighting and control solutions, we work with retailers and their design teams to ensure consumers receive an engaging and memorable shopping experience.

Helping companies stand out from competitors within the industry, we design and integrate bespoke sound, lighting and digital display technology to create the perfect retail environment.

Capable of customising interactive touchscreens and passive panels to match the aesthetic and style guides of any store, we enhance the way retails communicate with customers at the point of purchase. Designed to deliver targeted and high impact content, the installation of digital screen media allows viewers to witness the latest sales and marketing camapaigns, whilst offering visual merchandising and design staff a simple and stress-free solution to keeping stores fresh and consistent with the brand's message.

As well as utilising digital display technology to promote products and complement visual merchandising, we also integrate the latest audio and ambient lighting systems in-store to further accentuate the shopper journey and customer experience.

We work extensively within the retail industry and have provided striking digital signage, sound and lighting solutions to both individual stores and shopping centres.

Comfortable collaborating with architects and their teams to determine size, structure and specific needs, we ensure consumers receive a sophisticated and immersive experience.

Spanning three decades, to date we have undertaken projects for some of the industry’s biggest brands; including leading furniture retailer DFS, upmarket clothing chains Balenciaga and Reiss, Hard Rock, HSBC, Orange, Virgin Megastore, along with the Westfield Group, amongst others - making us the UK's most experienced retail display technology integrator.

Our highly qualified and experienced retail AV designers and engineers are always available to discuss your retail project requirements and provide a quotation to fit your budget. Please contact us for further information.