Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

PAI Group

Monday 23rd March 2020:

Following this evening’s announcement by the UK Prime Minister, the senior management of PAI Group have further reduced our scope of site based operations to just those deemed essential by our clients and contractor partners. This is so we can provide support to the frontline services the UK so desperately needs right now.

This is based on a considered opinion of whether it is a) safe for our workforce and b) socially responsible of us to ask employees to leave home.

We have also further reduced our office based staff to the absolute minimum, to avoid lone working and to accept the key equipment we require to provide support of essential services as described above.

The remainder of our workforce are remote working as earlier advised.


Like everyone around the world, we’re adjusting to the new definition of normal. 

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) affects all that we do, and like many businesses we’ve actioned steps to protect our workforce and ensure business continuity.

For confirmation, these measures are as follows:

Infection control

It’s our primary goal to ensure that there’s minimal risk of our workforce being infected while at work – whether on site or at our offices.

For some weeks now we’ve therefore been following the hygiene guidelines published by the relevant authorities.

We’ve also implemented steps to create social distancing, equally encouraging our teams to apply these social responsibilities in their home lives.

We continue to monitor recommendations from the authorities and have mechanisms to implement their requirements urgently.

We’re open for business

We’re an agile business. Previous investment into systems and training means that appropriate staff have been quickly mobilised into working from home.

A small, rotating team also ensures our offices are occupied, with additional hygiene and distancing measures supporting our infection control requirements detailed above.

As a result, all our teams are available over the phone and on email. Instead of travelling, we can facilitate web conference meetings or indeed connect to meetings instigated by other parties in different software clients.

Our staff are able to respond to messages and phone calls irrespective of location, while our mobile teams are working safely to client requirements in support of project activities.

Our offices remain open for deliveries and shipments.

Like every challenge in life, our fantastic team of employees are meeting this head on. Normal is different now, however you can continue to trust PAI Group to support you to the very best of our abilities.