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Social Responsibility


       PAI Group - Social Responsibility

Policy Statement

“The PAI Group is committed to minimising the impact that our business activities have on the environment and have a positive effect on society, working in partnership with other organisations that embrace this outlook. We aim to use natural resources sparingly, participant fully in local community projects and educate our employees to share these goals. Our Social Responsibility policy brings together many business responsibilities that we have previously created policies for, and we monitor all of these on an ongoing basis.”

Company Information

  • PAI Group is a privately owned and operated limited company.
  • We employ locally, nationally and internationally.
  • We engage in regular stakeholder consultation with our workforce, local community, supply chain and clients.
  • Our policy is reviewed annually.


  • We are an equal opportunity employer and have and maintain an equal opportunities employment policy.
  • We promote safe working environments and therefore have and maintain a safety at work policy, in addition to safe systems of work and procedures to implement and review these as necessary.
  • We seek and promote training and training partnerships with local colleges, schools, equipment manufacturers and our clients.


  • We are focused on customer satisfaction and carefully monitor this.
  • We promote and maintain customer care and have many longstanding relationships with clients.
  • We are committed to quality and operate an audited ISO:9001 quality system.
  • We listen to our clients' requirements and seek to deliver best value in partnership with them.

Supply chain

  • We work carefully with selected manufacturers whose products offer best value for our clients, sourcing from local and national suppliers where possible.
  • We adhere to applicable codes of conduct and seek to pay bills on time.
  • Over many years of trade we have built credible and responsible relationships with our supply chain.


  • We have been involved in a number of community projects and regularly loan equipment to local schools and organisations.
  • We promote workforce involvement in the community wherever possible.
  • We make regular charitable donations.


  • We promote and maintain our own green policy, minimising waste wherever possible - what waste we do generate is carefully recycled.
  • We seek to minimise transport costs wherever practical, promoting shared vehicle usage.
  • We monitor our energy usage and seek to minimise this wherever possible. We have invested in both low energy lighting and lighting control systems within our offices to minimise on energy usage.
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