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The i-sign is an illuminated room numbering and status system designed by Lighting Technology Projects and developed in conjunction with Anytronics to provide a unique and effective signage solution for the hospitality and leisure markets.

Innovative and intelligent, the state-of-the-art technology, which is suitable for hotel, fitness, health, retail or cinema facilities, combines edge-lit LED room identification with visual occupation status and optional bell push logic.

Available in a wide choice of static LED or RGB colours and fonts, the interface boasts a luxurious and premium finish, which is achieved through engraved optically-clear bevelled glass, immaculately illuminated in a frame that can be designed to incorporate contemporary or traditional styles.

Tailor-made, the product can be customised to include corporate logos and designs, together with suite names, room numbers and occupancy status. Bespoke to the customer’s specification, the exclusivity of the signage system ensures it is ideal for venues wishing to promote their individuality and character, whilst offering that added extra that the guest will remember.