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Environmental Policy

PAI Group - Environmental Policy Statement

1.0 Introduction

1.1 This statement sets out the policy of PAI Group of Companies (the company) in respect of our general work activities in the construction and allied industries and those of any employee, self-employed person and contractor under our control whose acts or omissions may have an adverse effect on the environment. Its intention is to assist in protecting the environment as a whole, as well as our personnel whilst at work. In addition, if the policy is adhered to, it will assist the company in fulfilling its legal and moral obligations.

1.2 The prevention of pollution is an important part of our policy and we recognise that such pollution can be created by:-

  • Liquids
  • Solids
  • Gases, vapours and fumes
  • Dusts
  • Noise
  • Light
  • Hazardous & non-hazardous substances

1.3 In addition to the groups of persons mentioned above, this policy is also intended to assist in ensuring that all clients and other persons who may come into contact with this company or its premises or its activities (whether or not work-related) are not adversely affected with regard to environmental matters.

1.4 Provided that persons referred to in 1.1 above adhere to the provisions and precautions contained within this policy, they will normally be able to work safely and without undue risk to the environment or their health. They will also be considered to have demonstrated compliance with their conditions of employment or contract insofar as they refer to environmental issues.

1.5 All persons referred to in 1.1 above are to be made aware of the contents of this policy and become familiar with the conditions and precautions laid down. A copy of the policy will be available at our offices during normal office hours and is available to all interested parties, whether or not directly connected with our activities.

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2.0 Definitions

2.1 In this policy, the expression 'at work' means whenever and wherever work takes place and may include travel for work (for instance travel between premises, to and from meetings etc.). It does not include journeys between home and work.

2.2 The term 'legal obligations' refers to the statutory duties laid down principally in the Acts of Parliament listed in 3.2 below, but also in supporting legislation brought under the Acts from time to time.

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3.0 Policy

3.1 The company will take all reasonable measures to ensure that those persons referred to in 1.1 above are made aware of the contents of this policy, the possible effects upon their personal health & safety and the possible environmental consequences in the event of any breach of this policy. The nature of our business is such that any of our activities may, if not properly managed and controlled, cause detrimental environmental impact, as identified in 1.2 above.

3.2 The company recognises its obligations under the following Acts of Parliament and all Regulations and Orders brought under those Acts:-

  • • Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974
  • • Environmental Protection Act 1990
  • • Environment Act 1995
  • • Pollution Prevention & Control Act 1999
  • • Clean Air Act 1993
  • • Water Act 2003

3.3 All employees of the company will at all times be expected to exercise diligence in ensuring that this policy is adhered to. Responsibilities of individuals are determined by their grade of employment as detailed elsewhere in company documentation.

3.4 The following specific steps will be taken by the company to minimise the effect of their operations on the local, regional and global environment:-

3.4.1 We will ensure that all staff are trained in our environmental management policy and given guidance in its implementation.

3.4.2 We will endeavour to make continuous improvements in environmental performance and the prevention of pollution.

3.4.3 Current environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice will be regarded as setting the minimum standards of environmental performance to be achieved.

3.4.4 We will implement measures to reduce emissions into the atmosphere from our vehicles by minimising the use of vehicles for purposes for work where possible. We will also ensure that regular maintenance and repairs are carried to ensure that vehicles are able to operate at maximum efficiency.

3.4.5 We will encourage employees to be more environmentally aware, (including when outside of normal working hours), giving encouragement to the use of environmentally friendly modes of transport.

3.4.6 Waste and arisings will be disposed of in a responsible manner, ensuring that we always comply with the applicable and current Regulations and Codes of Practice. Any services used for the storage or disposal of waste will be checked to ensure that appropriate licences are held.

3.4.7 We will try, where possible, to use suppliers who are willing to take away packaging for re-use or recycling.

3.4.8 We will consider the environmental impact of any purchases made.

3.4.9 We will try to reduce the energy and water consumption of the business and minimise carbon dioxide emissions. We will invest in the improved energy efficiency of products we use and investigate environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources.

3.4.10 We will ensure that, so far as is reasonably practicable, dust, noise and fumes do not cause a nuisance to the community surrounding the place of business or site on which we are working.

3.4.11 We will try to reduce waste production and carry out recycling as much as possible.

3.4.12 Our office staff will use paper and other products sensibly and consider measures to re-use and recycle waste paper. The increased use of electronic communication will reduce the need for paper use.

3.4.13 We will, wherever practicable, only use sub-contractors and suppliers who comply with the requirements of our environmental management policy.

3.4.14 We will assist sub-contractors and suppliers to comply with their duties and responsibilities under environmental legislation, where it is possible and practicable.

3.5 It is our policy to reduce, year on year, the key environmental impact this organisation may have.

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4.0 Supporting Documentation

4.1 Additional information has been prepared in order to assist in adhering to this policy. Reference should therefore be made to the following groups of documents:-

  1. Documents Directly Associated With This Policy

These comprise the allocation of responsibilities within the company and the general arrangements for implementing the policy.

  1. Health, Safety & Environmental Information

Information about matters such as noise at work, methods for containing spills, emission controls etc. This may be specifically prepared for the company or consist of publications and advice from appropriate bodies (e.g. Environment Agency and/or Health & Safety Executive).

  1. Forms and Miscellaneous Items.

Standard forms are used for various aspects of environmental management.

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5.0 Policy Review

5.1 This policy and its associated documentation will be reviewed after changes in legislation, changes in the structure of the company, in the light of additional knowledge or information becoming available, and in any event annually.

5.2 Records of reviews and amendments will be kept in the appropriate section at the front of the safety, health and environmental manual.

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6.0 Responsibility for Policy Implementation

6.1 The overall responsibility for the implementation of this policy is vested in the undersigned, who will be assisted as necessary by South Wales Safety Consultancy Limited, who are available to provide support and advice on strategy and day to day environmental matters.

Paul Adams

Senior Shareholder, CEO & Managing Director - The PAI Group of Companies, PAI, Vaughan Sound Installations Ltd, Lighting Integration Ltd, PAI Holdings Ltd.

Richard Vaughan

Director - The PAI Group of Companies, PAI, Vaughan Sound Installations Ltd, PAI Holdings Ltd.

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